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Yearly Horoscope - Aries Read your 2015 yearly Aries horoscope.

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I should begin the series of articles for novices with a definition of Astrology . But for everyone definitions are depending on what he wants to see in things defined. You can give all possible definitions, but each one must define the vision - and what a man sees in Astrology is part of the vision and of his being. So I start by declaring Astrology is just as useful. Indeed it is very useful for who knows how to use it. Indeed, study is needed to penetrate its secrets, work to master the techniques and methods of drawing calculation and interpretation of astrological charts, but mostly it requires a proper understanding of the role and utility of them. For some, astrology can be a curiosity, an amusement pretext or even a scam, but this attitude does nothing to keep them from benefiting from all that astrology could offer for their lives. Specifically, astrology can help you see reality whole, holistic, surpassing the limitations of materialistic visions that do not take into account the root causes of things. All things in the universe make up a whole, a whole, and this relationship between these methods enable their knowledge and intuitive as astrology. Anything is known by the human mind when it is found and then framed in the system of knowledge accepted by the mind. As all things in the universe are correlated with each other, taking as model knowable things in the universe (in the case of astrology, the stars closest to Earth) that can be traced easily and have a constant influence on terrestrial and human reality. Physically, the connection between stars and life on Earth is made ​​by the action of planetary vibrations. Every body has its own vibration. And planets have their own vibrations, which can be understood as waves, which are received on Earth subtle with variable parameters, depending on the position of the planets in the zodiac, constantly interacting with zodiac vibrations and vibrations bodies on Earth. Each man has his own receptivity to these vibrations. Studying the positions of stars and knowing that influences overall planetary vibration and zodiac trends to which they expose people and the favorable conditions that can generate these vibrations in individual and social life, open and creative mind can perceive the optimal solutions for solving various situations of terrestrial life in harmony with the cosmic vibrations. I do not recommend anyone to approach astrology as a science divination to guess / predict the future, because the future is born today, and this and it builds each. But I highly recommend using astrology as a tool for assessing the possibilities of action and decision making. Using such, astrology can bring much greater benefits than used as a show of predictions. We must always remember the classic astrological dictum: stars predispose BUT HAS THE MAN! He tells us that we are responsible for our actions and choices in life and that we reap what we sow. The stars are not only fill our lives with vibration environment affects us especially at inner, psychic and spiritual, that mentally, consciously, to learn to take the right decisions. The stars are not responsible for what happens to us in life good or bad. They only show us the road to go, but we choose which way and how we go in life. Everyone is responsible for what you choose.


Astrology will allow you to receive what you will allow astrology to give you. Understanding that nothing controls you and dividing knowing and awareness in the mind can allow you to take and make amazing changes in your life.

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